2015 Hot bubble soccer in Guangzhou

"Falling Down!! Fierce Battle of Bubble Football"

Falling down! Falling down! Falling down!!
Who could say there's no falling in your life?
Who know when will you fall in one day?
The one who could stand up from where he/she had fallen needs courage,wisdom and even perseverance.
Bubble soccers want you to know the feeling of falling and taste the joy of standing up.

What's bubble socccer?
This new game combines entertainment and sport.The players wear bubble soccer to run at playground,they don't need to worry to get hurt throughout competition even they fall down.It's very popular among the world.And you could add some creative links to make the football match more exciting!

What the difference between normal football anf bubble soccer?
Every player should fit themselves into a big bubble,even roll with fall they don't need to worry,it let you experiences the body excitement of real bumper car! 

What are you waiting for a such fun game?Quickly email us for more details and rules of game!